Our Trip To Bulgaria

A bit off topic but I wanted to just mention that we had a great trip to Sofia in Bulgaria, the land of those hairy lipped female Olympic weightlifters you used to see in the 1980s. Well the place is quite a bit different now. It’s very modern and thriving.

Tripadvisor is choc full of great restaurants and surprisingly the seaside in Bulgaria is now one of the top destinations for partying teens in Europe.

We took our dog, Fido with us on the trip and I’ve very pleased to say we had a great supporting service from the team at Hubba Hubba Pets who have dog kennels in Sofia. ¬†for us they helped us with dog walking services because I was busy meeting my payday loan buddies in town and had little time for poor Fido :).

Anyhow Fido says a big thanks for the chaps at Hubba Hubba, and I have to thank the Bulgaria people for a great trip.